Rise and Shine, it's GREEN PEEL Time!

What is a Green Peel and WHY should I have one? A new skin in just 5 days. Our skin is complex, and luckily, so is the potential for the GREEN PEEL herbal peeling. Dr. med. Christine Schrammek-Drusio has consistently improved the GREEN PEEL herbal peeling over the years. The result is dermatologically inspired, natural treatment method, which makes it possible to individually adapt treatment plans to your skin type and condition, with different amounts of herbal compounds. Whether gently refreshing, actively revitalizing or intensively peeling-you decide the goal of the treatment after you have been thoroughly examined by your aesthetician. The benefits to the Green Peel are endless but he

Which Type of Eyelash Extensions Are Right for You?

Which Type of Eyelash Extensions Are Right for You? So what exactly are eyelash extensions? They’re individual lashes made from silk, mink or synthetic material. They come in various lengths, based on your desired look, and anywhere from 80-150 are placed on each eye, depending on how thick your natural eyelashes are. Here’s the scoop on each of the options: Synthetic Eyelash Extensions – For really full, thick eyelashes, synthetic lashes are your best option. Made from an acrylic material, they’re the thickest and heaviest extension option, and also the shiniest, providing the most dramatic effect. Synthetic eyelash extensions provide a more made-up look than the alternatives, so they’re go

What Should You Expect When Getting Eyelash Extensions?

Your first eyelash extension procedure will take about two to three hours, and from then on follow-up appointments will only take about an hour. First, you’ll talk with your eyelash extension artist about your desired outcome, and then you’ll lie back with your eyes closed for the application process. The technician will cover your lower lashes with an under eye pad, or in some cases tape. Often, she will also tape your eyelid to your eyebrow so the skin is more taut. The technician will then take each extension lash and dip it in a waterproof adhesive, and attach the extensions to your natural lashes hair by hair. They’ll only use a tiny bit of glue for each lash, so you barely feel it. Onc

Which Type of Eyelash Extensions Are Right for You?

Some beauty trends come and go, but it seems a desire for long, commanding lashes has been around for ages — women have been coveting dramatic lashes for thousands of years. Before The House of Rimmel created modern mascara in the 19th century, Cleopatra was making homemade mascara with a blend of waxes and pigments. Fake eyelashes first made their debut in 1916, when D.W. Griffith was making the film Intolerance, and wanted leading lady Seena Owen to have longer lashes to make her eyes appear bigger. He wanted lashes so long they brushed her cheeks, so a neighborhood wig maker wove human hair with gauze to create false eyelashes, and an industry was born. Throughout the 1940s and 1950s arti

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