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eyelash extensions, body sugaring, airbrush tanning

Eyelash Extensions

Beautiful lashes are just a blink away! Whether you're looking for an everyday simple look or something with a little more glam we have you covered. We use a synthetic mink lash. 

Facial Wash

Pre appointment 

Before coming to your appointment make sure you have washed your face and have no eye makeup on. 

If you have any make up or lotion is could affect the adhering process of the lash extension to the real lash.

Applying false lashes in a salon

During the appointment 

We will have you wash your lashes with a cleanser we provide at the salon to make sure the lashes are squeaky clean. Be prepared to lay with your eyes closed for about 2 hours. 

Long Lashes

After care 

After the lashes are applied it is very important that you avoid any kind of water around your lashes for 24 hours, to properly allow the glue to dry. Another thing to avoid is heat, opening the oven, grill etc. as the as the lashes are synthetic and will singe the ends. Avoid any eye creams, facial lotions, or mascara that has oil in it, as it will break down the adhesive and cause premature fallout.

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