Rise and Shine, it's GREEN PEEL Time!

What is a Green Peel and WHY should I have one?

A new skin in just 5 days.

Our skin is complex, and luckily, so is the potential for the GREEN PEEL herbal peeling. Dr. med. Christine Schrammek-Drusio has consistently improved the GREEN PEEL herbal peeling over the years. The result is dermatologically inspired, natural treatment method, which makes it possible to individually adapt treatment plans to your skin type and condition, with different amounts of herbal compounds.

Whether gently refreshing, actively revitalizing or intensively peeling-you decide the goal of the treatment after you have been thoroughly examined by your aesthetician.

The benefits to the Green Peel are endless but here's a few reasons to entice you just in case....

-Illuminates your skin for a radiant glow

-Stimulates circulation and leads to a natural improvement in skin's texture.

-Regenerate your skin for a boost

-Reduces pore size

-Purifies skin


Purely natural ingredients for your beauty. The Green Peel is made up of various herbs and algae that are rich in minerals, enzymes and vitamins. Help your skin regain a new freshness. This mixture is massaged into your skin, using a special technique, by your GREEN PEEL Certified Aesthetician. The outermost layer of the skin is rubbed away by the herbs microscopically small grains, leaving your skin ready to absorb and your cells ready to regenerate.

Skin probelms are VISIBLY reduced by the peeling

With the GREEN PEEL herbal peeling you can feel the skin circulation increasing while its meabolism improves, allowing oxygen and nutrients to be taken in. Depending on the skin type and intensity of the treatment, skin will begin to peel after three days. The peeling can vary from light to clearly visible. The reaction of your skin depends on your skin's individual ability to regenerate. After the outermost skin layer has been naturally removed, the new, fresh skin will appear. Afterwards you will need a particularly intensive and protective skin moisturizer to promote and stabilize the desired treatment results.

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