Which Type of Eyelash Extensions Are Right for You?

Which Type of Eyelash Extensions Are Right for You?

So what exactly are eyelash extensions? They’re individual lashes made from silk, mink or synthetic material. They come in various lengths, based on your desired look, and anywhere from 80-150 are placed on each eye, depending on how thick your natural eyelashes are. Here’s the scoop on each of the options:

Synthetic Eyelash Extensions – For really full, thick eyelashes, synthetic lashes are your best option. Made from an acrylic material, they’re the thickest and heaviest extension option, and also the shiniest, providing the most dramatic effect. Synthetic eyelash extensions provide a more made-up look than the alternatives, so they’re good for special occasions or if you want to forego other makeup. Because of their added weight, they usually don’t last as long as their silk or mink counterparts. Synthetic extensions cost from $75 to $150, depending on how thickly you want them applied.

Silk Eyelash Extensions – Silk eyelash extensions are lighter and softer than synthetic, and last longer. Their weight is between that of synthetic and mink, providing a more natural look, while still adding drama. These extensions start at around $100.

Mink Eyelash Extensions – Because they’re made from mink fur, mink extensions are the most natural looking extension material. Mink eyelash extensions will give you full, fluffy eyelashes that are much lighter than synthetic or silk extensions.

The natural material allows them to straighten out on their own when they get wet, just like your natural lashes. Some synthetic and silk lash extension users run into problems with this, and end up spending time straightening out their lashes after they shower. Mink extensions also blend more easily with your natural lash line, and they last longer than silk or synthetic. Because of these benefits, they are by far the most expensive option, running upwards of $400.

Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions – There is also faux mink, which mimics the weight and feel of mink but is used by those uncomfortable with having animal fur on their face. An added benefit of faux mink lashes is that they hold a natural curl, so you don’t have to worry about using an eyelash curler. They run about the same price as mink extensions, sometimes slightly cheaper. Some salons charge by the hour, instead of by the product, so it’s always a good idea to call ahead for an estimate.

Before deciding on an extension type, think about the style you’re going for, consider how each type of extension would look with your natural lashes, and if your preference will fit in your price range. You can also talk through the options with your lash extension artist, as she can help guide you toward the extension type that will blend most easily with your natural lashes and help you achieve the exact look you want.

Decision Time: Should You Get Eyelash Extensions?

Now that you know everything you need to about eyelash extensions, you can decide if they’re right for you. If you do decide to get extensions, think about which option is best for your look and lifestyle, and do some research on pricing. Talk with your technician about any questions you have and the style you’re going for, so you can walk away happy with your new lashes.

Once the application process is complete, take the time to care for your new lashes properly so they can stay looking beautiful and last as long as possible — again, trying a product like Infinite Lash can help with this.

If you decide against eyelash extensions and instead opt for the more natural route, Infinite Lash can help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted. In fact, most users notice a noticeable improvement in their lashes in about a month. However, individual results may vary. The product also has a money-back guarantee, so if you’re unsatisfied you can get a full refund.

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