Beat Back-To-School Stress with a Maquillage Spa Treatment

If you have kids, back-to-school probably means back to homework, early bedtimes, afternoon practice, and packed schedules. It can also mean less of that crucial “me time” that’s so important for managing stress and looking your best.

Stress is one of the major players of early aging, and small, chronic stressors (like managing school schedules) can do some serious damage to you skin. It’s responsible for unwanted acne breakouts, under-eye bags and puffiness, skin dryness, even fine lines. And when you add normal environmental skin saboteurs like the sun and pollution, the skin on your face can take a serious beating.

When it comes to anti-aging and age prevention, hydration is the key. Just like our bodies, our skin functions better, repairs itself, and protects itself at it's fullest potential when it's properly hydrated.

Radiant skin is always in style—no matter your style. Maquillage Pro Beauty facial treatments will give you glowing results, purify your skin and allow you to see a difference in your overall appearance. Come in now through the month of September to take advantage of our Back-To-School special offer. Your skin will thank you! You'll enjoy the many benefits of our Maquillage Signature Ultra-Hydrating Facial for only $58. Look forward to an INSTANT difference in your skin which will include immediate firmness, plump succulent skin, a decrease in pore size, complexion evenness, and the most soft version of your skin that you've ever felt.

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