Why Lira Clinical's Pro Lite is Our Favorite Product!

Lira Pro Lite Serum

Lira Clinical's Pro Lite Serum is the best product you can invest in! And, it's Maquillage's Product of the Month for good reason! This product will give your face the "180" you've been looking for.

Pro Lite evens skin tone on different levels. This organic brightening serum utilizes anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and advanced redness-reducing ingredients; it also "draws out" hyper-pigmentation from sun damage! Just in time for the Fall Facial/Peel Season, you can dramatically reduce the dark spots in your skin. Just like how facials draw out our under-the-surface blemishes; peels can draw out hyper-pigmentation and make them darker before they get lighter and then dissipate.

With Pro Lite, you can take care of that step on your own, getting maximum results from your Fall Peels! It's the absolute, best way to undo the damage from all of the fun in the sun we've been having all summer. It brightens, lightens and evens your skin tone with advanced Plant Stem Cell technology, specifically from Gooseberry, Sea Fennel, and Mulberry extracts. It even has a melanin suppressant, Arbutin, to help keep future hyper-pigmentation at bay!

Come and visit us at either of our locations and enjoy a special Product of the Month Pricing, and get your skin Facial Ready!

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