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Body Sugaring 

Welcome to the world of body sugaring!

We proudly use The Sugar Method's body sugaring products as well as their techniques!

This ancient practice is from the days of Cleopatra.

The hair is removed using a paste made of lemon water and sugar.

It is applied and removed with a gloved hand.

This method is more holistic and less abrasive on the skin.


We can promise that, once you go sugar you won't go wax!



Arms (Full)                                               $45

Removes all hair from shoulder to wrist area

Arms (Half) - hair removed from elbow to wrist $35

Back                                                        $75

Removes all hair from full back area

Bikini                                                       $40

Cleanup of all hair outside the lines of a bathing suit bottom

Bikini Extended                                        $59

Cleanup of all hair on sides and as much on top as desired (does not include hair removal of labia or booty strip).

Brazilian                                                   $69

All hair is removed front to back + sides. 

*Trim (if needed) $20

Brazilian Extended                                    $95

All hair is removed from front to back + sides to mid thigh + glutes

Brazilian Maintence                                  $50

Visit us promptly within three weeks of last Brazilian sugaring service at Maquillage to receive this discounted rate. This pricing was created for those who want to maintain smooth skin and save money!

Booty Strip                                               $20

Removes all hair from in between booty cheeks

Chest                                                       $65

Removes all hair from chest area (does not include stomach)

Chin or Lip                                               $15

Clean up of chin or upper lip area 

Eyebrows                                                 $20

Clean up of eyebrows

Full Face                                                  $45

Clean up of eyebrows, chin, lip, & sideburns

Glutes                                                      $35

Removes all hair from both glutes

Inner Thighs                                             $24

Removes all hair from bikini line to half way down leg

Legs (Full)                                                $95

Removes all hair from bikini line to ankle (both legs).

Legs (Half) - hair removed from knee to ankle or bikini line to knee. $55

Sideburns                                                 $20

Clean up of sideburns

Stomach                                                   $30

Removes all hair from stomach area

Just need "happy trail" area?  $15

Underarms                                               $30

Removes all hair from both underarms

Add On Menu:

The following services can be added at a discount onto any full priced brazilian, bikini, full legs or full arms service booked same day: 

Booty Strip $15

Chin $10

Eyebrows $15

Happy Trail $10

Lip $10

Sideburns $15

Underarms $25

Prepaid Packages

Save money and pre-purchase your next Brazilian treatments. 

Three Pack- $185 (a $207 value)

brazilian body sugaring wax

Before a Sugaring Appointment

  • Be sure hair is a quarter inch in length (approximately the size of a grain of uncooked rice) 

  • Hair that is too long must be trimmed (an additional $20 will be charged)

  • It is also recommended that you exfoliate 3 days beforehand.

sugar paste hair removal

During a Sugaring Appointment

  • Is it painful? It will not be painless, however your results ARE worth it! And its FAST!

  • Body Sugaring is much less painful than waxing and will remove the hair from the follicle with out breakage. Resulting in LESS ingrown hairs.

  • We recommend 3-4 weeks for any area.


brazilian body sugarin waxing

After a Sugaring Appointment

After your sugaring treatment, it's best to avoid the following for 24-48 hours prior. 

  •  Sexual activates (if sugared in the area)

  •  Avoid going the gym or exercising

  • Avoid tight fitting clothing 

  • No tanning, saunas. or hot tubs

  • Do not apply any lotions, sprays or deodorant.

  • Exfoliate!!

You will notice a difference in your hair after your first appointment, it maybe thinner and sparse. Being consistent and following the aftercare instructions is the key for the best results.


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