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full body sugaring

Body Sugaring

Body sugaring is an excellent form of hair removal that will remove unwanted hair with out over exfoliating your skin. Body sugaring has a ton of excellent benefits that make it the preferred way of temporarily removing unwanted body hair.

Body Sugaring tends to be less painful than a traditional waxing session and helps to prevent ingrown hair by extracting the hair from the follicle in the same direction of hair growth.

spray tan airbrush tanning

Put the glow back in your skin with our custom heated tan. Our high-quality solutions provide rich natural-looking tans without the harmful side-effects of sun exposure.   

Evolv Heated Airbrush tan $45

Prepaid Series 

              3 Evolv Tans                        120 (40ea)

              5 Evolv Tans                         175 (35ea)

              7 Evolv Tans                          210 (30ea)

tanning airbrush spray
eyelash extensions

Eyelash Extensions

We offer false mink lash extensions, ranging from a classic everyday look to a full fluffy look perfect for vacation or event with our volume extensions. 

Classic Full set 150 

Refills 75

Hybrid Full set 185

Refills 85

Volume Full set 200 

Volume Refill 95

** Monthly memberships are available**


We NOW offer microblading and micro shading services! 

Microblading $400+

Microblading is an enhancement in which the individual hairs are drawn into the skin using precise magnification, interlacing simulated hair strokes among your natural ones giving you a fuller, more enhanced brow. 

Microshading $120

Add onto any microblading or touch up procedure for an additional $50

Initial Touch up $150

Semi-Annual Touch up $195

Annual Touch up $295

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